Chad Mairn, Librarian at the St. Petersburg College Innovation Lab joined Chris and Bob via Google Hangouts to talk about a number of interesting things.  Chad was a speaker in a TED-X talk in 2015 and he spoke to us about innovation, what it means to innovate and see that creative spark come alive in patrons and students.  He also talked about the various partnerships he has developed with various organizations and groups, including NASA!  Chad has a varied background and even plays drums in 2 bands.  See some of the things Chad is involved in!

St. Petersburg College Innovation Lab’s Tumblr Page

The Innovation Lab’s Facebook Page

Chad’s TED-X Talk

Chad’s project at Library of Congress

SPC Innovation Grant

Curiosity Creates Grant from the Walt Disney Company

Chad’s Mentor John Iliff

Maker Boot Camp Documentary

Chad’s Band Low Season

Chad’s Band Fowler’s Bluff