Joining the fellas for this go round is Thomas Shaw, Associate Director of the library at Lancaster University. Thomas published an article entitled “How to Strive for Success, Happiness, Fulfilment and Impact: a Personal Manifesto” which should resinate with anyone who works in Libraryland. Thomas speaks about his article and some of the common anxieties and fears we all have working in libraries. He speaks of an opportunity for an “identity change” when we change roles or start fresh in another library, how to break from negative work culture, bringing the “good” from our previous organizations and experiences, and probably the biggest issue librarians have, imposter syndrome. This commonly happens when we attend conferences, see presentations and think “there is no way I can do that” or “I feel like I am fooling everyone at work, I can’t do this”. If you want to feel like you are not alone in this profession, this article is a must read!