In part 2 of this special episode, Chris and Bob were joined by Alice Knapp, Director of the Ferguson Library in Stamford, Connecticut, Scott Jarzombek, Director of the Fairfield Library in Fairfield, Connecticut, Kate Byroade Director of the Cragin Colchester Library in Colchester, Connecticut and Scott Brill, Director of the Derby Public Library, in Derby Connecticut. The discussion continues with Alice and Scott from the large library perspective of imposter syndrome. how you should not be the smartest person in the room, learning from your staff without intimidation, being a Husker Du fan and talk about the “secret sauce”. Then Kate and Scott come in and talk about the view from the small library perspective. They talk about communicating with staff to lower anxiety, knowing policy so it empowers the librarians, new tech communications with those that are not tech inclined, how “fines free” lowers the temperature between staff and patrons and patron shame. Thanks to the Connecticut Library Association for inviting the podcast to their conference!!!