Here in Part 2, we continue the conversation with Dr. Lambert Shell, Stacey Smith-Brown, Kaysha Watson-Phillips, Carol Gilliam, Michelle Samuel, Salamah Mullen and my “on the spot” co-host for the day Syntychia Kendrick-Samuel.

We continue the conversation about being a librarian of color here on Long Island. Much of the conversation will resinate no matter where you are from. The panel discusses the struggle to bring people of color into the profession, feelings of isolation at conferences, the perception of a person of color as a professional and the frustrations that accompany being a person of color in “Libraryland”. This having this discussion, we hope it moves you as much as it moved me speaking with this learned panel. The one thing that resinates, is our panel’s passion for what they do in spite of the adversities that they face and boy does this group love to laugh. .

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